Ps2 games with dating sim elements

Related note to everybody: Amagami is a great dating sim that plays by Tokimeki Memorial rules. In some ways, it's the closest to Konami's first dating sim than most modern romance games. I'd totally participate if I had gaming sim games other than Harvest Moon. I'd totally participate if I had gaming sim games other than Harvest Moon. Tokimemo Girl's Side and Love Plus are fan-lated, but of course, you need to do "things" to play them.Originally Posted by Ryouga Saotome It's #Dating Si Month. As for dating sims on Steam, I know there definitely are some VNs on there, they're just kind of buried a bit.The Japanese term ren'ai, meaning romance, is generally used to refer to any games that focus on the romantic pursuit of one of usually a number of selectable men or women, but since "dating sim" is more the well-known term in English, I'll be using it for the purposes of this event to refer to any game with romance elements, be it simulation, visual novel, or otherwise.

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Originally Posted by Just Another Otaku Might be a good opportunity to play more Photo Kano on PSP and download that f2p Dream Club on PS4.I know a fair amount of people have been waiting for me to finally make the jump Ha, just finished playing Hakuoki : Memories of the Shinsengumi the other day.Really good game, though I was surprised at how little romance there actually is in this game (well, it's more like there's not much romance going on until Chapter 5, in general).Originally Posted by apricot Don't forget HATOFUL BOYFRIEND There are a lot of not-so-big options in English, though!If you want to go the hentai route, there's a fair bit of that... I actually have a lot of their games since they had a bundle a while ago, but never got fair in any of them.

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